FREE 5-PART MINI-COURSE: Horse Profit Secrets

How To Add More Profit To Your Horse Business This Next Year Without Just Working Harder!

Dive into a 5 part mini-course to learn how I shifted the way I did business to go from broke horse trainer to multiple successes.

Not sure if the mini-course is for you? Click here to watch Lesson 1!


LESSON #1: Why you need to avoid the typical horse trainer model unless you want to keep struggling.

LESSON #2: How to make a name for yourself by shifting how you see yourself. (This took me from unknown to multiple high sellers at the NRHA).

LESSON #3: How to design a better business model that pays you more for the same work you're already doing. (This allowed us to 3x our revenue per stall.)

LESSON #4: How to identify profit streams you can add into your business that can run with near minimum effort.

LESSON #5: How to change the trajectory of your business in 10 days.



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